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Five daily prayers and Jummah sermons in Arabic & English

Madrassah for both boys and girls aged 5-15

Islamic events and lectures in both Arabic & English

Religious information and advice provided by our honourable Imams

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Funeral Service provide by Acton Muslim Welfare Association

In 2016, AMWA was pleased to commence West London's first free funeral service after completing construction of the mortuary and setting up the relevant procedures to arrange burials for both brothers and sisters according to Islamic teachings.  

AMWA is able to work with the hospital to release the deceased, and bring them to Acton Mosque for ritual cleaning and the Janazah prayer.  From there, we have the transport means to allow safe transport to the graveyard.  AMWA make no charge for this, but ask our patrons to give generously as we have no other source of funding.

Telephone: 020 8993 8073



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