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About Us

The Masjid was established in 1972 on Tunis road originally, before moving nearby to Godolphin Road. In 1984, through the hard work of the Trustees and the generosity of the community, the Masjid purchased the current building on Uxbridge Road. In 1990 refurbishment and building work first began in order to transform the site into the Masjid as it stands today. By the grace of Allah (SWT) since then, the Masjid has undergone further refurbishment and work to expand the space and to allow for more attendees to come and use the facilities to pray. By the grace of Allah (SWT) the Masjid is open for 5 daily prayers as well as Friday prayers, Madrassah Classes for children, events and more.

Meet the Team

Our honourable Imams


Imam & Khateeb

Imam Masood Tahir

Imam Masood Tahir has been serving the community and Masjid since joining in 1983.

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